How a Racist Indian Tribe from VA Got a Federal Blessing

How a Racist Indian Tribe from VA Got a Federal Blessing

The Congressional Black Caucus was against a tribe getting federal recognition and Democrats didn’t care. Letters against the Pawmunkey Tribe receiving national recognition and recent racist rules of the tribe reportedly being ended didn’t prevent two Virginia U.S. Senators from supporting an indian tribe with racist rules.

NPR: “In a statement, Virginia’s two U.S. senators, Democrats Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, said those tribes faced “barriers to recognition despite their role in American history” and called recognition of the Pamunkeys an “important step toward righting this historical wrong.”


“I’m thrilled the Pamunkey will finally receive the federal recognition they deserve,” said Sen. Tim Kaine. Meanwhile guess what? The Pawmunkey Indian tribe had a ban on members of the tribe marrying Blacks until — what year was that — 2012.  No not 1812 — 2012, as in three years ago.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) contacted the Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Attorney General on the matter.  Thompson’s letter cited a trible law from the tribe which read, “no member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe shall intermarry with any Nation except White or Indian under penalty of forfeiting their rights in Town.”

Funny that Sens. Kaine and Warner were just fine with this tribe receiving federal recognition.