McEachin, Herring Q Judge on Everything But #BlackAgenda Issues

McEachin, Herring Q Judge on Everything But #BlackAgenda Issues

There were some interesting questions for Judge Rossie Alston today from two of Virginia’s African American lawmakers.

“There is no reason whatsoever why any person in the United States of America should be denied equal privileges that we all enjoy under the law,” Alston replied after being asked by Sen. Don McEachin about gay rights — more specifically — whether or not someone could turn away lesbian, gay or transgender customers if it came in conflict with their religious views

As for Del. Charniele Herring, she asked about Judge Alston’s forms that suddenly were said to be “missing” just now even though he’s been sitting on Virginia’s Court of Appeals since 2009.

Really? Nothing on Judge Alston’s views on felons voting or parole or expungement or mandatory minimums or banning the box?  Nothing on voting rights or voter ID or Medicaid expansion.  Nothing on any one of a number of civil rights issues?

Yeah we get it: TMac wanted them to go in and ask this stuff.  Judge Roush is the Dem pick.  But couldn’t someone have slipped in a question on topics that the judge might actually deal with as a member of Virginia’s Supreme Court that actually impact Black voters?