Scott Walker: “I Don’t Have Time for #BlackLivesMatter”

Scott Walker: “I Don’t Have Time for #BlackLivesMatter”

When people say #BlackLivesMatter should focus on Republicans and not Democrats who Black voters give 90 percent of their votes to, go over this in your mind over and over again:

“Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sidestepped ‘ridiculous’ questions on Friday about whether he would be willing to meet with organizers of the ‘Black lives Matter’ movement, saying he would limit his time in New Hampshire to commenting on ‘things that matter.” — The Daily Mail

“I’m going to talk with American voters. Period. It’s the same way as saying you’re going to meet with the Tea Party,” he continued. “Who’s the Tea Party? There’s hundreds of thousands of people out there.”

That line is reminiscent of the “I’m meeting with everyone” line Bernie Sanders used on Meet the Press fo Black LIves Matter last week on CNN.

And remember: This is just about MEETING with Black Lives Matter activists NOT agreeing to any of their agenda items.  This is further evidence that the GOP is not even slightly interested in Black votes.  For many in the party the Southern strategy continues like it’s 1968.