Suspension Disparities in #VA Schools and Electeds Go Silent @TimKaine

Suspension Disparities in #VA Schools and Electeds Go Silent @TimKaine

Calling Anne Holton. When the elected officials we give our votes to — election day after election day — don’t even bother to mention our issues, much less fix them, it’s a problem. Education is an issue every elected official says is important to them.  If that’s true they need to speak up.  We don’t need Rep. Scott Rigell having a town hall on the Iran Deal — something few care about in Virginia — when our education system is first in the nation in sending students to the police.

Where is the press release on this study that says this is a serious problem and must be fixed?  That’s basic reaction.

“Blacks were 24% of students in school districts across the state, but comprised 51% of suspensions and 41% of expulsions.”  Really VIrginia? Where is Gorvernor McAuliffe and his Secretary of Education on this?

When it comes to issues around the school to prison pipeline and school discipline in Virginia this silence happens all the time.  There was silence this week after a new report was released showing — once again — that Virginia has some of the worst prison pipeline stats in the country. Read the UPenn study here.

The report intro reads, “nationally, 1.2 million Black students were suspended from K-12 public schools in a single academic year – 55% of those suspensions occurred in 13 Southern states. Districts in the South also were responsible for 50% of Black student expulsions from public schools in the United States.”

So much more to see here. Read the report here.