#WDBJ Victim’s Dad Goes After @RepGoodlatte on Gun Background Checks, NRA Donations

#WDBJ Victim’s Dad Goes After @RepGoodlatte on Gun Background Checks, NRA Donations

Finally reporters were actually prompted to ask House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte what his thinking in on gun control.  Remember that Goodlatte has been sitting in the House for over twenty years and is now the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  What exactly he gets done for Virginia with all his seniority and high position is unknown.

Well, one of Goodlatte’s constituents, Andy Parker, the father of Allison Parker, who was shot dead live on the air by former co-worker and nut Vester Flanagan, just thought he’d ask.  In a blistering editorial in the Washington Post, Parker wrote:

“…we must focus our attention on the legislators who are responsible for America’s criminally weak gun laws; laws that facilitate the access dangerous individuals have to firearms on a daily basis.

Legislators such as Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who represents Roanoke, where the shooting of my daughter and her colleague Adam Ward took place on live television. In his more than two years as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Goodlatte has had plenty of opportunity to bring up universal background check legislation and other gun violence prevention bills. He has refused to lead on this issue, and he has done absolutely nothing to help contain the carnage we are seeing. On the other hand, Goodlatte had no problem cashing his check from the National Rifle Association during the 2014 election cycle. Shame on him.”

Someone had to say it.  It’s about time there was a focus on the legislative records of those we elect. Just like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor before him, Goodlatte is in the majority party and has the power to pass laws that would make communities safer and instead choses inaction.  God bless Andy Parker.