@MarkHerringVA Stays Silent on @MarteseJohnson_ #NatashaMcKenna

@MarkHerringVA Stays Silent on @MarteseJohnson_ #NatashaMcKenna

@MarkHerringVA Stays Silent on @MarteseJohnson_ #JamychealMitchell #JohnGeer #NatashaMcKenna Once again, current Attorney General Mark Herring, who wants the job for another four years, is silent on a criminal justice reform issue.  This time it’s the simple issue of the release of a report on a beating of a Black University of Virginia student last St. Patrick’s Day.  But Herring’s reaction — silence — is no different than his reaction on other justice reform related issues.

Now even Virginia’s Republicans are speaking out and saying they want the report to be public. Where is Mark Herring on this and other justice reform issues?  Once again we see that the people Black voters in Virginia put in office are inactive on Black issues.  McAuliffe and Herring barely won.

Black voters in Virginia need to think about the following as they consider the idea of Herring being Attorney General in Virginia for another four years:

  1. Herring has said nothing on the school-to-prison pipeline even though Virginia is NUMBER ONE in the nation for sending students to the police.
  2. Herring has yet to say a word about the deaths of two Black Virginians who died in prison: Natasha McKenna was tazed to death while shackled by police in Fairfax. Herring has said nothing on the matter.  Just last week it was learned that Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, died in jail after being locked up for four months on a petty theft.  Where is Herring on these issues? He has said nothing on either case, much less done anything.
  3. Herring has also remained silent on several police brutality cases in Virginia: The shooing deaths of John Geer in Fairfax and William Chapman in Portsmouth.  Both cops involved have now been indicted.  Do we get to find out what the AG thinks? Apparently not.
  4. After the horrific on-air shooting of two broadcasters near Roanoke, Sen. Tim Kaine made plans to introduce gun legislation. Where is AG Herring on this issue? Do we want an Attorney General who confronts issues and takes action or someone who is silent on the major issues of the day? That’s the question Virginia’s voters must ask.

New York AG Eric Schneiderman has had no problem speaking out on issues of justice reform. North Carolina AG Roy Cooper took action regarding a police shooting. Even Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has spoken on police brutality cases in his state. And DeWine isn’t exactly an activist on the issue.  Why is Herring silent and inactive on justice issues?