Want to Talk @VADemocrats #Diversity? How About Funding Black Candidates?

Want to Talk @VADemocrats #Diversity? How About Funding Black Candidates?

We’re certain that Del. Alfonso Lopez is a great guy and all that BUT let’s have REAL talk when it comes to talking about diversity efforts and political parties in Virginia.  Lopez’s editorial in the Washington Post is an answer to a recent story in the Washington Post about GOP diversity efforts.

The Washington Post wrote in June about GOP efforts to recruit minority candidates.  Then, on August 28, the Washington Post reported that GOP Republicans would spend $100,000 on diversity.  For Democrats you find no such stories and when Black candidates run they’re on their own.

Diversity is about issues.  It’s also about who a party supports and whose campaigns it invests in. On the topic of funding Blacks running for office in Virginia, the Virginia Democratic Party should be embarrassed.  Too bad Republicans haven’t seriously taken an opportunity to capitalize because the opportunity is there for the taking.

But let’s focus on the Democrats.  For a party that receives over 85 percent of a Black vote that put a Democrat in Richmond and saved Mark Warner from an embarrassing career ending loss, the Virginia Democratic Party sure isn’t showing much interest in supporting Black candidates who run for office.  This has been going on for years.  Any glance at vpap.org shows the disparity in funding and the lack of Democratic Party support for Blacks running for office.

No other group in Virginia, whether it’s women, gays, Asians or Hispanics, votes for Democrats with more solid loyalty than Black voters.  No Democratic running statewide in Virginia can win without Black voters in Hampton Roads and Richmond.  No one. Too bad that loyalty isn’t returned in the form of support for Black candidates.

A few examples from this cycle:

— Josh King (HD-2) $1,717 vs Dudenhefer $95,848 raised.

— Phyllis Randall (Dem nom Chair of Loudoun BdofSup) $29,628 vs. Scott York (I) $85,293

— Senate (Senate 29) primary Futrell $65,595 v McPike $118,563, Qarni $122,499 Futrell got NO $ from the Virginia Democratic Party even though he was a sitting member of the House of Delegates.  

— Susan Hippen HD-21 $41,289 v RonVillaneuva $133,260

—  Willie Randall HD-100 $20,217 — with NO help from the Virginia Democratic Party — vs Rob Bloxom $31,136

We could go on and on and on…. It’s a shame that the Virginia Democratic Party is more interested in how they “appear” rather than what they actually do.  Writing editorials in the Washington Post to counter a story on Republican diversity efforts is cute.  But where is the support for Black candidates?