Thanks @CoxComm: Company Tosses @GMccollum5 Under Bus

Thanks @CoxComm: Company Tosses @GMccollum5 Under Bus

The Virginian-Pilot this morning: “Cox Communications severed its ties Thursday with Democratic state Senate candidate Gary McCollum, who has said he’s been on paid leave from his executive position while running for office.

“What I can tell you is that effective today he is no longer employed by Cox,” Emma Inman, public affairs director for Cox Communications Virginia, said Thursday evening,” writes Bill Bartel for the Pilot this morning.

“Inman said she could not comment further because it is a personnel matter….” the pilot continued.

That’s nice of Emma that she could comment on McCollum not working for Cox — that’s not a personnel matter? But then all of a sudden further explanation has to stop.  Thanks for putting that out there Cox Communications.   Frank Wagner, who has a problem with someone being paid while running for office — didn’t like the fact that McCollum had a job.  That’s hardly unusual when someone runs for office.

Keep in mind that McCollum had a top position at the company — he was the firm’s senior vice president and regional manager.  .