The St. Patrick’s Day Beating of #MarteseJohnson and Cop on Cop Reports

The St. Patrick’s Day Beating of #MarteseJohnson and Cop on Cop Reports

The report on the beating of Martese Johnson is what you get when cops investigate cops.

The Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial appears to have noticed. Consider this:

“At this point we can hear law-and-order conservatives leaping from their chairs to object that Johnson should have been more compliant, and law-enforcement authorities have every right to use whatever force they deem necessary in a given situation. Before they do, they should ask themselves: How would they feel if government agents had bloodied Martha Boneta, owner of Liberty Farm in Fauquier, when slamming her to the ground for holding children’s birthday parties without a permit?

All of this might seem like a tempest in a teapot if it were an isolated case. Yet it happened after the ABC settled a lawsuit with Elizabeth Daly, a U.Va. student like Johnson, over a 2013 incident in which agents terrorized her and a friend in a grocery-story parking lot over a case of bottled water.

What’s more, the Johnson case has just been reprised across the country. Several days ago in Stockton, Calif., nine police officers swarmed a 16-year-old and “escorted him to the ground” after one of them struck him with a baton — all for “suspicion of failing to obey a posted sign.” Translation: He was walking in a bus lane.

Then there was the incident in McKinney, Texas, in which a police officer body-slammed a teenager in a bikini and brandished his sidearm at other children who were standing nearby. Officer Eric Casebolt resigned after that incident. But his resignation did not end the public conversation about excessive force. The report on the Martese Johnson incident should not end it, either.”