#VA #Redistricting Case Deadlines + Grofman’s Duties

#VA #Redistricting Case Deadlines + Grofman’s Duties

The deadlines redistricting “special master” Prof. Bernard Grofman is held to according to an order by the court issued on September 25, 2015.
Oct 30: Grofman must submit his map suggestions to the court
Nov 10: Any concerned parties must comment on Grofman’s proposal by this date.
Nov 17: Parties must respond to exceptions filed by this date.
That tells us this should be done some time in December.
Grofman’s duties, at $400 an hour of our tax money because our elected legislature couldn’t do its job, are:
  1. Review the redistricting plans and briefs submitted and recommend a proposed plan, a modified version of a proposed plan, or a plan he’s devised.
  2. Grofman’s final report to the court must contain:
  3. The Special Master’s report and recommendation shall contain:

— A color map showing the proposed remedial plan;

— Shapefiles and Block Equivalency Files compatible with Maptitude For

— Redistricting software for the proposed remedial plan; and analysis explaining the basis for the proposed remedial plan and…

— the recommendation of that plan over any of the other proposals previously submitted by parties and non-parties.

Needless to say, Grofman has a lot of power in this process.