Recognition on Hold as Tribe w Racist Past Has Casino Envy @TimKaine @MarkWarner

Recognition on Hold as Tribe w Racist Past Has Casino Envy @TimKaine @MarkWarner

The racist Indian tribe that Sens. Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Gov. McAuliffe were all so hot to push into federal recognition is now in trouble. Why? The Washington Post found a letter revealing the real interest was casinos.

Why racist?  The letter cited a report by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs that quoted tribal law: “No member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe shall intermarry with anny (sic) Nation except White or Indian under penalty of forfeiting their rights in Town.”

Washington Post: “The Pamunkey had refused to disclose whether they would chase casino opportunities. The letter from the former chief is the first clear suggestion that the tribe was moving in that direction.”  (Claimed to have been repealed in 2012).

Washington Post: “In July, the Pamunkey became the first Virginia tribe to gain federal recognition. The decision, which had been sought by the tribe for more than three decades, was heralded by the state’s other Indian tribes, six of which are seeking federal recognition, and by political leaders, including Sens. Timothy M. Kaine (D) and Mark R. Warner (D) and by Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D).

But the historic decision was put on hold Oct. 6 after a challenge from Stand Up for California, a nonprofit organization in Penryn, Calif., that has sought to limit the development and spread of casinos on Indian land.”

Of course.