At @NAACP Meeting, McAuliffe Announces Classrooms Not Courtrooms

At @NAACP Meeting, McAuliffe Announces Classrooms Not Courtrooms

Stop the School to Prison Pipeline.  Governor Terry McAuliffe has finally come up with a plan to confront the embarrassing fact that the Commonwealth of Virginia leads the U.S. in sending students off to the cops.  Read here for more on that.  We need to remember that we are the adults and the way we treat our children is a reflection on us and our society as a whole.  Surely we can come up with better solutions than dialing 911 every time a child doesn’t do as we ask.  

Ladies and gentleman the statistics are staggering.  In the South in particular, African American children are referred to law enforcement in alarming numbers.  Many for dumb things we shouldn’t be calling the cops for such as tossing skittles and having a cell phone.   With police in schools — guess what — more kids in court.  We could never have guessed that would happen.

And the Governor is absolutely right: It’s totally unacceptable in Virginia.  The very fact that our tax dollar is wasted having cops in school is in itself baffling.  As we saw in South Carolina this week, some police do not have the de-escalation training and skills to deal with young children and teens that teachers are more qualified to deal with.  We will be watching the Governor’s plan closely to make certain this was not simply a PR announcement.  


At NAACP meeting, McAuliffe announces initiative to address school discipline

The Richmond Dispatch: Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Friday that state officials will soon begin working with local school systems on a new initiative aimed at decreasing student suspensions, expulsions and referrals to law enforcement.   In a speech to the statewide NAACP conference at the Omni Richmond Hotel, the governor said his “Classrooms not Courtrooms” initiative will have a particular focus on reducing the disproportionate police referrals for minority students and students with disabilities.

The disproportionate use of school discipline on African-Americans and students with disabilities is totally unacceptable here in Virginia,” McAuliffe told the luncheon crowd.

The state initiative, which the governor said has been in the works since last spring, is intended to establish a joint training program for school resource officers that better outlines the role of law enforcement in schools and allows community and educator input on how to maintain discipline without removing students from schools. READ ENTIRE HERE